30 before 30… final update

I am officially 30!  To be exact, I am 30 and 11 days.  Almost 2 years ago, I made a list of 30 things I wanted to do before I was 30 years old.  At the time I was pregnant with Claire and didn’t know how much a baby would change my life, my goals and my ability to complete this overly ambitious list I made.  I also thought that after I had a baby, I would be willing to spend all this time away from the Claire to accomplish said goals- I am admitting I was wrong.  Then something else happened… just when I thought we would definitely get to Napa and most likely overseas again (not before I was 30, but right after), we decided that it’d be a good time to stop preventing and allowing baby #2 to come along whenever- God willing of course.

So, here I am: 30 years old, 1 baby, 16.5 weeks pregnant with Baby MK, living each day with the greatest man and only about 50% of my “30 before 30” goals complete… and okay with that.  I am content as ever and feel blessed!!!


1. Become a mother
2. Finish my Masters in Education Administration
3. Run another full marathon
4. Start playing tennis again (league or lessons)
5. Visit Napa or Sonoma Wine Country
6. Take another trip overseas 
7. Run a sub 1:50 half marathon 
8. Complete a triathalon (a sprint tri would suffice)
9. Take another ski trip out west 
10. Complete a family run (with hubby & the baby)
11. Take a family vacation (the three of us)
12. Take a weekend trip with my girlfriends
13. Become a better photographer
14. Run a race for charity
15. Complete a trail run
16. Move out of the classroom and into a leadership role
17. Complete a mudder
18. Bake an apple pie… homemade crust in all
19. Successfully grow vegetables
20. Keep my car clean for a month (this might be the most difficult of all of them for me)
21. Paint pottery
22. Print all my pictures that I have on the computers and put in an album
23. Begin keeping up with my pictures by making a Shutterfly book for each year (then in three years I won’t have to do the above)
24. Read to Baby N each night 
25. Attend a Notre Dame football game
26. Attend a Jimmy Buffet concert
27. Read 30 books that are not assigned to me 
28. Listen to Jackie Kennedy’s Historic Conversations
29. Take Baby N to the apple orchard, pumpkin patch, Children’s Museum and Zoo
30. Golf a full 18 holes with Josh

In the meantime, I will tag the ones I didn’t accomplish for the next decade of my life and hope that I will be just as blessed as I was in my 20’s.

Life is GOOD!


What I’m Loving This Week

I have mentioned my absolute favorite blogger, Julie at Peanut Butter Fingers many times before. Lately she has been doing a “Things I’m Loving Friday” post each Friday.

I thought I would follow her suit and participate as well. As I continue to think about and strive for true “contentment”. I often time find myself for wanting more: wanting to buy something new, wanting to accomplish one more thing on my to-do list, or wanting to add one more credential to my name. I thought this would beneficial to reflect on the people, activities, and experiences that made me happy, grateful and content through the week.

What I’m Loving this Week

Meeting friends at the gym for a workout

New year Burn Workout.jpg

I love working out and what makes it even better is when you can catch up with good friends over a burnin’ workout. After spending the weekend at the hospital with Claire and taking a couple days to regroup and feel comfortable to leave her, I was ready for a good sweat on New Year’s Day. After a simple text message I had a workout partner lined up and ready to meet me at the gym- talk about instant accountability! My friends are awesome because they do the workouts I create without complaining; unless I make them run too much and even then I just may get an eye roll or two.

Little Lamb’s Bible


We’ve always prayed with Claire before bed each night. This week she even folded her hands on her own before prayer time- melted my heart. As a part of continuing to grow in our faith and pave the way for Claire we started reading two to three short Bible stories out of “Little Lamb’s Bible” this week. The stories are short, sweet and rhyming. She is pointing to the Bible characters in the story. I love this time with my two loves.

Happily Ever After: The Life-Changing Power of a Grateful Heart


Guilty pleasure: I am a Bachelor & Bachelorette fan. However this book by the first Bachelortte, Trista Stutter is truly deep and powerful. I just started reading it this week and am not yet finished, but I am soaking in each word she writes. It goes right up my alley with living 2014 in a state of contentment by recognizing what I have and reflecting the things in which I am grateful. Will you join me each night on twitter using #favepartofday & #contentmentredefined ?

This Girl


Yes, every little face (attitude and all) this little girl makes! Each day this week she got better and better and became more the happy, feisty, and more of the loving 15-month old I love and adore. Yes, my patience was still tested, but I didn’t get as frustrated every time she threw a piece of food on the ground for the dog to eat instead of herself… because at least she is here to do that.

A Stay-cation


We were originally supposed to be skiing this week , but with Saturday’s incidents, we had to stay at home… and have actually loved it! We are always on the go (hence the goal of just being more content) and have really embraced this stay-cation. Some people do things in their own cities they have never done before during stay-cations- not us. We have done nothing… we are just “being”. We have had all-day fires, worked out, read a lot of books, built with blocks, and have enjoyed each other’s company. It has been a great week! In fact, it has been so great that Josh and I have decided this would become an annual ritual.   

And that’s a wrap for the week, friends- thank you for reading! Enjoy your weekend!


Contentment Redefined

It is a New Year.  As I log onto social media of all forms I am immediately blinded by the resolutions of many family and friends.

Don’t get me wrong, as Josh and I celebrated NYE in the comfort of our own home, we got out our family notebook and jotted down the highlights of the year, the not-so-great items and our goals for next year.  Although this year, our list seemed different, our focus and ambitions have changed.

Often times we find our ambition can be overpowering.  The desire to climb the ladder in a career, start a small business or non-for-profit, run more miles, do more pull-ups, serve more people, read more books, write more articles and blog entries… the list goes on and we often find ourselves always trying to do and be more instead of being just content with our current state.

So as we enter this New Year our word of the year is: CONTENMENT

Really, contentment redefined.  What does it mean to be content in our own present life?  This does not mean we don’t have goals or ambitions for this New Year.  For us it is finding that peace and contentment in life’s current state: slowing down, cherishing each giggle, appreciating each cry, and being perfectly happy with our current life.

I will…
Pray more,
Live simpler,
Want less,
And be my best….
Because I know some people are not as blessed.

 I will…
worry less,
laugh more,
not beat myself up over a missed workout,
or a chocolate chip cookie (or two)…
Because I know some people are not as blessed. 

I will…
Cherish each laugh of my little girl,
Embrace her messes,
Appreciate even her loudest cries,
And remember a missed nap is more time with her…
Because I know some people are not as blessed.

 I will…
Hug my husband tighter,
Be more intentional as I listen,
Be more grateful of his work,
And not be annoyed by his kisses as I cook…
Because I know some people are not as blessed.

I will be…
With the life I have…
Because what other way is there to live?