A Vintage Winter Wonderland Wedding

Congratulations to the new Mr. & Mrs. Adam Dahms!!!

On Friday morning I left Josh & Claire and made the short trip to Chicago for the weekend for my best friend from college’s wedding. Originally Josh and I were supposed to use this as a weekend away, but Claire’s seizures were still too fresh and we wanted to make sure she was close to Riley and with a parent so Josh stayed home with her. At first I was absolutely bummed by this, but it ended up working out very well and I was able to spend some much needed time before the wedding with the bride. Christina was my very first college friend. We met the summer before starting at Ball State University. We met because she was randomly paired to room with a friend of mine from high school and we all lived in the same hall. Through four fun years of college, her living stints overseas, first jobs, a couple moves, living with Josh and me, a baby, now two weddings, a million laughs, a good amount of tears and even a few arguments…. here we are, ten years later…

Christina is one of the most sincere people you will ever meet and it showed in every detail of her wedding day. She so badly wanted to make everyone happy and comfortable the whole weekend from the manicures & pedicures on Friday to being up at 6:45am on Sunday to make sure I didn’t go in the parking garage alone. The wedding & reception itself was gorgeous, but I didn’t expect nothing less from my trendy, gatsby-loving, fashionista friend.

Christina and I are actually polar opposites and I am sure if we were writing this blog together, here is where she would enter some elaborate paragraph about our astrology and the reasons we get along so well…. and sometimes fight like we are sisters. I am a classic, simple kinda of girl- she is a trendy, vintage-y woman who beats to her own drum. I drink warm, red wine- she drinks white wine with ice cubs. I thrive on a routine- she’d rather live in spontaneity. However, we both value friendships, enjoy health & fitness, like to laugh, and have one of the most genuine friendships I have ever seen. As she wrote a speech to each of her bridesmaids she put it perfectly when describing our friendship, “(Hollie) she keeps my grounded and I unravel her a bit,” – I couldn’t have said it better.

WIthout further ado: a recap of the most magical vintage winter wedding weekend.

IMG_2515.jpg IMG_2518.jpg
What a fun rehearsal dinner downtown Chicago at Rock Bottom- it was a perfect atmosphere. Being the thoughtful individual she is, Christina wrote us all speeches describing our friendship and framed them. It was so fun to just be together with friends as well as meet some of Adam’s dear friends and their wives. I was in awe of how genuine all of the groomsmen and their wives were, but I shouldn’t have been surprised because Adam is a great guy.
After the rehearsal dinner we headed back to the hotel to prepare for the big day. We of course stayed up way too late talking, just like we used to do in college.


How cute are these robes? Part of her gift to us, Christina gave us these awesome robes that have our names engraved in the back and wear while we get ready on Saturday. The wedding itself was a gorgeous Catholic church in downtown Chicago and the reception at The University Club. The University Club is a beautiful, old venue and had an old barber shop where we all hung out and got ready for the day.


How stunning is this dress and this bride?!?! Just gorgeous! We got dressed and ready at the hotel and then a trolley took all the guests and bridal party to the church in different waves. Us girls were the last to arrive and waited in the trolley until it was time to walk down the aisle.

  I always love to watch the groom’s face as he sees his bride for the first time and Adam’s was priceless and showed his true love for her. Christina’s dad was also just so sweet: he adores her daughter and is so proud of the woman she has become and the man she chose to marry. The ceremony included a full Catholic mass and was gorgeous- from the homily to the beautiful Ava Maria, growing up Catholic, I truly appreciate the rich tradition of a Catholic wedding.

IMG_2542.jpg IMG_2544.jpg
The groom wanted me to make sure I took a picture of him opening his first beer with his new jewelry. He was so happy!
After the ceremony and mass was over we had some time to spare so the bridal party had some fun on the trolley while stopping places in Chicago to take pictures. We stopped at the one and only Wrigley Field as well as the apartment they lived in when they were in Chicago before Adam left for Bloomington to get his MBA. As soon as they people in their old building found out they were coming in the bartender at the restaurant below the apartment arranged for a champagne toast for all of us.
After the trolley ride, we arrived to the University Club for cocktail hour and the reception. Before entering cocktail hour, the bridal party got to hang out in one of the rooms at the club where there was a pool table and drinks. I love that time where the bridal party just gets to be together- it is one of my favorite parts of any wedding day. Just as two families join together when a man and woman get married so do two sets of friends- it is beautiful!
The reception was incredible, elegant and it was obvious a lot of time and though went into every last detail.  We danced the night away despite the winter storm that was taking place outside.  What a great day it was and how thankful I am to be by my best friend on her special day.

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