Contentment Redefined

It is a New Year.  As I log onto social media of all forms I am immediately blinded by the resolutions of many family and friends.

Don’t get me wrong, as Josh and I celebrated NYE in the comfort of our own home, we got out our family notebook and jotted down the highlights of the year, the not-so-great items and our goals for next year.  Although this year, our list seemed different, our focus and ambitions have changed.

Often times we find our ambition can be overpowering.  The desire to climb the ladder in a career, start a small business or non-for-profit, run more miles, do more pull-ups, serve more people, read more books, write more articles and blog entries… the list goes on and we often find ourselves always trying to do and be more instead of being just content with our current state.

So as we enter this New Year our word of the year is: CONTENMENT

Really, contentment redefined.  What does it mean to be content in our own present life?  This does not mean we don’t have goals or ambitions for this New Year.  For us it is finding that peace and contentment in life’s current state: slowing down, cherishing each giggle, appreciating each cry, and being perfectly happy with our current life.

I will…
Pray more,
Live simpler,
Want less,
And be my best….
Because I know some people are not as blessed.

 I will…
worry less,
laugh more,
not beat myself up over a missed workout,
or a chocolate chip cookie (or two)…
Because I know some people are not as blessed. 

I will…
Cherish each laugh of my little girl,
Embrace her messes,
Appreciate even her loudest cries,
And remember a missed nap is more time with her…
Because I know some people are not as blessed.

 I will…
Hug my husband tighter,
Be more intentional as I listen,
Be more grateful of his work,
And not be annoyed by his kisses as I cook…
Because I know some people are not as blessed.

I will be…
With the life I have…
Because what other way is there to live? 



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