Round Here…

Every time I go to write a blog that gives an overview of my life after I have neglected a blog, the lyrics from “Round Here” (Counting Crows, my favorite band) run through my bed.  So here it is, another neglected blog and this time I am not starting a new one.  I make no promises here, just short update on some things that have happened:

– We have one happy, energetic and sweet little girl who is now 1… well, 15 months!  She continues to bring so much joy and entertainment to our lives.  She is walking, talking, showing attitude (not sure where she gets that from), and just had tubes in her ears yesterday.

– We continue to try and set a healthy example for Claire by living a healthy lifestyle.  Josh and I both ran two half marathons this year and several short races.  I even ran a new PR at the Fort for Fitness inSeptember! When it is warm, we really enjoy meeting Daddy at the Monon for a run during his lunch.  Claire loves to ride in the jogger and say “dog” about ten times per each dog we pass. 

– My life as a Stay-at-home-mom turned into a resignation from Warren Township schools… then to be rehired as a part-time teacher 3 days before school started!  It is a great situation for our family (most days) and we couldn’t it without the loving care of Miss Stacy cares for and nurtures Claire while I am working my 12 hours per week.  

– I just graduated from Butler University with my Masters in Education Administration.  It is a bittersweet feeling: I am so glad to be done and at the same time will miss my classmates, the challenge and the always thought-provoking conversation.   For the first time in two years, we now are free on Tuesday and Thursday nights- I am sure we will find a way to fill our time, we always do.  Although it is my name on the diploma, it was surely a team effort.  Josh did an awesome job supporting me, taking care of Claire and picking up my slack around the house.  Will 2014 be his turn to advance his education?  The verdict is still out…

– Last but not least, probably the biggest news… we bought a new home!  We have been on the “lookout” for awhile for a home to renovate- an investment property.  Our strategy changed multiple times as we discusses our goals.  With the help of an outstanding, patient realtor, we found a foreclosed home that we will be renovating.  Part of our strategy is to keep our current home and rent it out- a calculated risk we are taking.  I hope (notice the keyword) to use this blog to document this journey.

Hope you all had a wonderful holiday.  From our home to yours, have a blessed 2014!