Claire is 4 Months

Happy 4 Months (last week on the 10th) to my sweet girl, Claire Renee.  

Just like every mom, I am not sure where the last four months have gone.  It is hard to believe that my little girl is already four months.  I know it is cliche, and everyone says it, but it is the truth: she brings more joy to my life than I ever imagined possible.  


Josh and I often joke and say, “we are just going to stop and call this a walk-off home run and not have any more kids.”  Claire is such a good baby.  She is rarely fussy, sleeps 10-12 hours a night, is a great nurser, does great at the child watch at the Y and for other people… she is just wonderful.  This past weekend, she spent the whole day Saturday with Josh’s cousin Michael and his wife, Rachel while we went to the IU game with my Mom and Thom.  Michael and Rachel said she did great, and really enjoyed spending the day with her.


At four months old she can roll over belly-to-back and back-to-belly.  She is always smiling (besides when I took her four month pictures) and laughs a lot.  She has become so much more vocal and will try to mimic sounds you make.  She enjoys books and will sit still and listen to us read a book and help turn the pages.  She makes her teacher mommy so proud.

Besides mommy and daddy she recognizes her Grammy’s (my mom) face and voice very well.  We also FaceTime and when we do that, she grabs for the phone.  Speaking of grabbing, she is grabbing for everything these days.  The other day at lunch, she was sitting on my lap and quickly grabbed for my soup.  Now begins the days of watching her.  She is constantly grabbing my hair too.


Claire is obsessed with her feet.  She is constantly grabbing them, trying to put them in her mouths, pulling her socks, and the bottom of her pants.  She is finally starting to enjoy toys too.  She still loves her snuggie (little blanket with the tags), but is showing interest in other toys too.  Her Godmother, Emily got her a Violet (Leapfrog Dog) for Christmas and she loves it.  She also received this little crab that has a mirror on it and she thinks it is so cool when she is doing tummy time.  She still likes her Sophi giraffe and is reaching Eric Carle lion that is attached to her carseat.  She also has the Eric Carle caterpillar, but for some reason is ALWAYS reaching for the lion instead.  I even tried to switch them around to see if she was just partial to one side, but it wasn’t that; she is just partial to the lion.


I am so blessed to be able to be with her every day and be able to experience and see her grow and learn.  She makes my heart smile!


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