My Day: Fighting Irish, Circuit Workouts & Beginning Reading Behaviors

Ahhh Mondays….

I started off this morning with my favorite breakfast of all time!  Oatmeal topped with a teaspoon of melted dark chocolate and strawberries, and of course a cup of coffee and water.


Lunch consisted of scrambled egg whites with red pepper and mushrooms and a piece of grilled Jennie O turkey ham.  I am not usually one to buy or eat deli or processed meat, but if I do this is the one I choose.  My mom always has this at her house and I had purchased it to use in a breakfast casserole and I needed to get rid of it.


We were also ready to cheer on our Fighting Irish today from the time we woke up.  In fact, we were so excited that someone refused to take a nap until just now (3:24).


Since napping was unsuccessful until late in the day, Claire decided to roll over from back to belly again.  She did it last night, but neither of us caught it- I caught it today though, but not on camera.  I am sure there will now be many opportunities for me to catch her rolling in action.

Since napping wasn’t an option until late in the afternoon, Claire decided to make her “teacher” mommy proud…


YES, we are working on beginning reading behaviors at 4 months in my house!  (Teacher friends you will appreciate this.)

I also had great intentions of making it to the gym, hopping on the dreadmill treadmill to log some miles and doing a heavy lift, but my intentions were quickly shattered (just like my window- no pun intended).  Last week my windshield shattered from the freezing cold (thank you, Indiana winter) and the glass company was supposed to come fix my window.  Well, I assumed they’d be here early and then I could go…. NOT, they called this morning to say they’d be here between 1:00 and 4:00.  So, I knew immediately I had to resort to some at home circuit workouts.


I put on my cross trainers, grabbed my watch and completed workouts 1 & 2 from the January challenge group totaling 34 minutes of exercise.  Wow, I worked up a sweat and didn’t even need a single piece of equipment!  I then grabbed a post-workout snack of almonds and an apple.

Now, we finally have a napper so it looks like this Mommy will attempt two more circuits, some laundry and meal prepping for tonight.  Turkey Enchilada Casserole, IU basketball, and the IRISH in the NATIONAL CHAMPIONSHIP game is on our agenda for tonight.

What do you do when your workout plans are shattered?  


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