Last Minute Shopping Ideas

Well folks, you have one week left to finish up your Holiday shopping.  Are you struggling with some last minute gifts?  Here is a short list of some of “my favorite things” that might be what you are looking for to finish up the last minute shopping (all you need to do is click on the picture).

Note: most of these gifts are for women

Chica Band

Chica Band





I can’t seem to run or workout with these awesome headbands that keep my hair back AND stay on my head.  Most headbands I have come across do not stay on my head, but the Chica Band has never failed me.  They come in both thick and thin bands- I prefer the thin band.

Vera Bradley Grand Traveler Bag









I received this bag as a baby shower gift before Claire was born and it is incredible!  I  packed all my necessities for the hospital in the large bag, and it was perfect.  Now, I use it whenever we go out of town for the weekend and I am able to fit everything for both Claire in me in this perfect bag.  Not to mention when you are a mom, you are usually carrying a million things on your shoulder and this bag frees up a shoulder as you can put it across your body.  Plus… Vera Bradley is offering $9.95 two day air shipping until Wednesday!

Monogrammed Address Stamp









I am not sure if you would be able to get this in time for Christmas, but if you hurry on over to this etsy shop, you might be able.  I love this return address stamp: it makes addressing cards, letters, invitations, etc. so easy.  I used to hate always making sure I had return address labels- with this you just need a stamp pad.

Fleece Sweatshirt

Thanks to my favorite running partner, I have been introduced to the wonderful, inexpensive line of JC Penny workout clothes.  I recently purchased this sweatshirt for cheap and I LOVE it.  It is perfect for after your winter workout at the gym.  The outside is a warm fuzzy fleece, but the inside part that covers your torso and chest have a dry fit material so the fleece does not stick to you after sweating.  Not to mention, it is cute and looks good with workout pants if you need to go out and about after hitting the gym.  Unfortunately, it is no longer available online, BUT if you hurry to your nearest JC Penny, I bet you can get this.


indianapolis zoo
Sometimes it is hard to come up with a perfect gift for people.  So, how about a membership to somewhere?  For those Indianapolis area residents, I think a membership to the zoo or children’s museum would be a perfect gift for your favorite family- it is something parents and kids can enjoy together all year long.  And for those of you not in the Indianapolis area, what about a zoo or museum near you?

Do you have any great holiday gift ideas you could add to this list?


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