A Bittersweet Sunday

For the past three years, Josh and I have had the same routine (besides on weekends we are out of town).  We wake up, head to church, stop at home make the grocery list, go to Meijer (yes, together) to complete our grocery shopping for the week, come home and unload all the groceries, in the fall & winter I put on a soup, and the I head to the YMCA to teach my 12:00 interval training class.  Yes, we are creatures of habit, but I wouldn’t have it any other way.

And yes, for those of you that are wondering, we always go to the grocery store together- it is just something we’ve always done.  We have it down to a science: I start with the produce while he waits at the deli counter (there is always a long line) to get his lunch meat for the week.  Then when it is time to checkout, we go to the self-check lane and I scan (I still remember the produce codes from working at Kroger in high school) while he bags.  I love that we do this together, and we are very quick.  In fact, this Sunday I said to him, “I am starting to think our joint grocery shopping days are numbered because I doubt we will also want to add a newborn to that mix.”  He went ahead and volunteered to stay home with Baby N while I went grocery shopping.  Our lives are changing, but I’ll cherish the last few Sundays we have to go together.

Although it wasn’t the last Sunday of our joint grocery shopping, it was my last Interval Training class at the YMCA- so bittersweet.  I have been teaching this class for three years!  For the most part, I have the same people there every Sunday, and I love that!  I have gotten to know these members and they are so very dear to me- I look forward to spending an hour with them every Sunday.  They have been so supportive and thoughtful through my pregnancy.

Originally, I thought I was going to teach this class up to the end.  This class has intervals of both cardio and strength moves.  The cardio moves are pretty high impact: plyometrics, jumps, running, etc.  The intensity of the cardio moves are very similar to the P90X and Insanity cardio moves.   The cardio segments of the class have been getting harder and harder for me each week, but I have managed to do them- sometimes with modifications, and definitely not to my usual intensity.   However, I have learned through this pregnancy that what I want and my plans aren’t always the ones that happen. (I am sure I will be learning this more and more through parenthood.)  So, contrary to my said plans, my doctor told me I needed to stop teaching my class at 36 weeks because of the intensity.

This 36 week deadline meant that last week was my last week of my Sunday class.  Although I am not yet 36 weeks, this coming week I childbirth class and the following week I have a shower, so it forced me to stop teaching last Sunday.

I ended my class thanking all of the members for being such an encouragement for me to stay fit during this pregnancy.  Knowing that I still had to get up in front of them every week and deliver a tough workout has kept me motivated to stay fit through this journey.  As we were putting all of our equipment away many came up to me giving me sweaty hugs and delivering messages of well wishes.  I feel so grateful to be a part of such a caring, healthy community.

I left that Sunday with tears in my eyes and joy in my heart!  I am sad that it will be quite some time before I can return back to my Sunday crew at the YMCA, but am thrilled that it is getting closer to D-Day for Baby N.  And I do know that when I do return, they will be such a great support system and ever so encouraging as I work to retain my fitness level post-pregnancy.

God has bountifully blessed me- my Sundays at the YMCA are just one way.


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