Baby Shower #1

Wow, do I ever feel blessed!!!

On Saturday afternoon I had my very first baby shower to celebrate the soon-to-be arrival of Baby N.  Josh’s aunts and cousins put on a wonderful day full of yummy snacks, fun games and of course spoiling this child of ours.

We played some fun games one of which they asked Josh questions ahead of time about the baby and my pregnancy and I had to guess what I thought he would say- I didn’t do so hot!   However, I was right on when the question, “What do you hope the baby’s first phrase will be?” was asked.  Of course, he said, “GO HOOSIERS!”  The guests at the shower also played along and received points when they were right on target with Josh.  My mom won the game, which didn’t surprise me at all!

I left feeling overwhelmingly grateful of all the wonderful items we received.  We were so excited that as soon as we arrived home, we starting putting things together and finding a spot in the nursery.  Man do babies have a lot of stuff!  We received a lot of the big items we needed: carseat and both bases, diaper bag, baby bathtub, baby monitor, umbrella stroller, bouncy seat, baby einstein play gym, gift card to go towards our jogging stroller and a lot of other fun toys, sleepers and goodies.  We are so thankful!

Here are some pictures from the day (And for the record, all my “hoopla” is “Mommy to Be” gear and not bachelorette gear.  When Josh walked in at the end of the shower that is what he thought it was… BOYS!)

My mom (Grandma) and me.  I think she looks pretty good for a Grandma 😉

One of the fabulous hostesses of the day.

With Josh’s aunts and cousins who all put on such a wonderful day.


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