Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July, Friends!

I sure wish I had something excited to report this fourth of July, but alas.  We have been so busy the past 6 weeks and have spent very few weekends at home, so we are taking today to spend at home… working on our house.  After an unexpected breakfast in bed prepared by my thoughtful husband, we began working on our to-do list.  As you can see, mine isn’t going so well as I have taken a “break”.  I have officially entered the “nesting stage” and cleaned and reorganized all of our kitchen cabinets, our laundry room and linen closet.  It occurred to me the other day that with a baby comes more “stuff”: bottles, extra towels, wash cloths, bibs, and more laundry.  I have the cabinets under the sink to do and then I am finish.  Thanks to pinterest, I have come up with some great organization techniques.  

My husband on the other hand, has chosen to take on a much more daunting task this Fourth of July, he is working on our hardwood floors.  He has finished all of the ceramic tile in our bathrooms, laundry room and kitchen and is now putting down wood floors everywhere else besides the bedrooms.  Essentially, he has replaced 2/3 (maybe more) of the flooring in our house- he is awesome!  Don’t worry, before and after pictures will come once we have a final project.

I wish I had to report that this was how I was spending my Fourth of July…

but alas!  I mean, after all, I just love Jackie O pictures so much and this is one of my favorites- I thought it’d be perfect to post today.  Although, I wouldn’t mind hanging on a boat somewhere today…or any day for that matter.  

Luckily we don’t plan to work all day long.  Later we will spend some time on our back deck grilling a traditional Fourth of July meal: hamburgers, corn on the cob, salad, and strawberry shortcake.  Enjoying some fireworks is also in our plans for later this evening.  A day of productivity and an evening of American tradition is perfectly okay with me.  Not to mention, I am thoroughly enjoying being able to watch the quarterfinals of this:

As I sit here, watch Wimbeldon and think about tonight’s activities, I am not quick to forget the reason for today- our INDEPENDENCE!  Especially this year, I am reminded of the “reason for the season” and all the men and women that continue to put their lives on the line to make sure our independence in defended day in and out- for that I am grateful!

For the first time, I am not just thinking of those men and women, but also their families.  Today, I am (on a very small scale) understanding how the families feel not having their loved ones near.  I am so proud of this man who is not able to enjoy this Independence day, but instead just left yesterday for a seven month deployment.  I am proud to be his big sister!

The sacrifices these men and women make and the bravery they display is hard to put in words:  missing holidays with loved ones, milestones of children and the joys of every day civilian life to make sure that you and I continue to have the life we know and love-  incredible!  

Thank you to ALL our service men and women… past and present for making sure we can spend every Fourth of July indulging in cookout food, relaxing with our family & friends and seeing those beautiful fireworks light up in our night sky.  May we not only remember them today, but always!  

And a special “shout out” to my favorite service man, my brother: may you always remember how much you are loved, cherished and how many are so proud of the sacrifice you are making.  You are a man of honor and I feel blessed to be your sister.  May your time at sea be safe, quick and uneventful.  We look forward to your safe return!  

God Bless the USA!


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