The Nursery

My husband is a rockstar!  He works 50-60 hour weeks, plus some weeks he travels and has been spending his free time on the weekends putting in ceramic tile in our bathrooms and kitchen and ripping up all the carpet in our living areas (besides our bedrooms) and putting down wood floors.  Some nights, he even comes home after a long day at the office and tries to get as much done as he can.  I am so appreciative of all of his hard work.  Our house looks great, and we have saved a lot of money from him doing it himself.

Since he has been so wonderful, I decided to not also ask him to paint the nursery.  About two months ago I had started the nursery by sifting through the junk that was in that room.  Ever since we have been married the bedroom that will be the nursery has been a “catch-all” room.  It took me forever to go through everything!  Some days I would just walk away because it was so overwhelming (not as overwhelming as putting in new floors I am sure).

About a month ago, as my wonderful husband was working on our floors, I decided to finish the purging of the nursery.  Once that was done, I put on some paint clothes and began.  On my first day of summer break, I finally finished the painting job.

Here was the room before (not impressive):

Trying to pull my weight around here by painting (don’t mind the sweaty workout clothes:

And the painted project:

I had also been searching craigslist, the neighborhood marketplace, and garage sales for months to find the perfect rocking chair.  I didn’t want a glider and I wanted something I could paint white to match the crib and dresser.  I finally came across this wonderful chair for only $40!  However, as soon as I brought it home, hubby insisted that I leave it it’s natural color because “it was so beautiful”.  It is hard to argue with a man that has put so much time and energy into our house, but I really want it to match.  Not sure what we will do, but for the time being, it will stay like this…

Today, we had the carpet cleaners come and clean the carpets in our bedrooms.  Now, we (as in hubby and I will watch) can put up the crib and get going on the rest of the nursery.

Stay tuned as I have some fun plans… not sure what I would have done without pinterest 🙂



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