Three Years of Marriage

Happy Belated 3rd Anniversary to my IU basketball lovin’, social network-less, handsome, caring husband!

A week and a half ago my wonderful hubby and I celebrated our third anniversary.  I can’t believe it has only been three years since I said, “I do” to my very best friend.  I don’t remember what life was like before him, and I can’t imagine what it would be without him.  I am very blessed to be married to such a Godly, ambitious, supportive man who loves me unconditionally and will be such a great father to our Baby N. 

For our anniversary, we usually go back to Bloomington where we were married and have a picnic at the winery.  Due to the severe heat, and the fact that I can’t drink wine anyway, we didn’t go this year.  Instead, we had a wonderful breakfast and bought new bedroom furniture (that screams three years, right?).  We then had steaks on the grill for dinner and watched a movie.  On the actual day of our anniversary we went to dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants and reminisced about the last year of marriage– mostly talking about our fabulous trip to Italy.  We also decided that our next overseas trip will be Germany and Switzerland.   He also surprised me by scheduling a day for “ME” at the spa. 

We are blessed!  In three years we’ve: turned our house into a home; have taken some fabulous trips; grown as a couple and individually; shared great moments with family & friends; and are currently preparing for the journey of parenthood.  There is NO ONE else I’d rather live life with! 

As we celebrated our love, we remembered that wonderful day 3 years ago– the best day of my life!  We are continually grateful for the love and support of our family of friends not only on May 30, 2009, but the love and support we have been given as we have continued our marriage journey.

Just a couple of pictures from our wedding day:


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