30 Weeks

How far along? 30 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: A lot
Maternity clothes? Full force
Stretch marks? Nope and I am hoping it stays this way
Sleep: This week I have been sleeping horribly!  I think it is a combination of this severe heat and getting bigger.
Best moment this week: Just being back at home, and finding a rocking chair for the nursery.
Fitness Level: still going strong!  Running and teaching my class.  I have stopped prenatal yoga because it is on Thursday evenings and I am now back in grad school.
Miss Anything? Being able to sit by the pool.  It is too hot for me to even be able to do that right now!
Movement: Constantly.  I wish I could figure out which body part is where.  If your recent movements are any indication of how you will be when you get here, you are going to be a busy body.  Mommy & Daddy better be ready!
Food cravings: Fruit, fruit, more fruit… and ice cream too 🙂
Anything making you queasy or sick:  No.
Have you started to show yet: Oh yes!  But going back to grad school this week made me feel good when one of my classmates said, “Wow you are just kicking this pregnancy’s a$$.”
Gender prediction: Let’s face it, I HAVE NO IDEA!!!!  If you are a girl, Daddy is in trouble with our shopping trips
Labor Signs: None and let’s keep it that way- we’ll be ready in September 🙂
Belly Button in or out? Out
Wedding rings on or off? Off, but sometimes I wear them for a few hours if it is a special occasion.
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY, HAPPY, HAPPY and ANXIOUS… I can’t wait to meet you!  I never knew I could love someone I have never seen so much!
Looking forward to:  Counting Crows concert on Sunday (you sure do love music), and having Daddy home all day on the fourth of July.


Women and Running

I love to run!  

Most think I am crazy and some even say, “there is no way you can love to run that much,” but it is true, running and me have a loving relationship.  Now, let me clarify something: this hasn’t always been the case.

Just some brief history about our not-so-pleasant relationship…

  • I quit sixth grade cross country- my mom was furious!
  • I never ran again… unless you count sprints at basketball practice, running the bases at softball or any type of running that was required in the sports I played.
  • During summer two-a-days for volleyball we always started out by running the mile- I HATED it more than anything!
  • I thought my mom was crazy for running.  Sometimes, she would run up to my Saturday morning softball games so that she could make sure she could get her run in, which I thought was ridiculous.  (Now, I am 99% sure I will be that mom)
  • I started running my sophomore year in college when I put on some weight thanks to Keystone Light, Dorm Food, and Tostitos scoops with cheese queso.  
  • When I started, I couldn’t run outside- only on the treadmill.
  • I trained for my first half marathon solely on the treadmill.
  • I couldn’t run unless I had music.  In fact, there were times when I would forget my music and turn around and go home!
  • After I ran my first half marathon I said, “I will never do this again and there is NO WAY I would ever do a full

Our relationship today:

  • I always run outside- I hate the treadmill!
  • I no longer listen to music.  This is my time to either think or catch up with friends.
  • I prefer to run with others- it is my social time.
  • Since I have been pregnant, I have missed my Saturday morning long runs more than I ever thought possible.
  • Running satisfies my competitive blood.  I don’t try to beat others (okay, sometimes I find a girl that looks to be in really good shape at a race and my goal is to beat her), but it is mostly about improving my own time.
  • Running gives me energy and empowers me.
  • I have run throughout my whole pregnancy- most people think I am nuts.  I think it keeps me sane.
  • I no longer think my mom is nuts because of her love for running!
  • I have formed wonderful friendships over pounding the pavement.

With all of this being said, I challenge you to run- it is good for you!  

It really doesn’t matter if you are fast or slow, run long distances or short, it is the empowerment you feel when you are finished.  Start with 5 minutes- it will be 5 minutes more than you did yesterday.  I have found out that signing up for a race is the best way to stay motivated, so find some girlfriends and train for your first-ever 5k- I promise, you’ll be hooked.

I recently came across this article on Women & Running from Runners World: 30 Things All Women Should Know About Running.  It is a must read for all women: runners, non runners, and aspiring runners.

My favorite fact from this article:

19. If you were a regular runner before you became pregnant, you might have a bigger baby – good news, since, up to a point, larger infants tend to be stronger and weather physical adversity better. Researchers in the US found that women who burned up to 1000 calories per week through exercise gave birth to babies weighing five per cent more than the offspring of inactive moms. Those who burned 2000 calories per week delivered babies weighing 10 per cent more.

I thought this was incredibly fascinating.  My good friend and running partner had a premie last summer that was very healthy, and after reading this it made sense to me: she had put her body in such a positive, healthy position by running and exercising that her daughter benefited from it immensely.  Running is good for you!

Make a commitment, RUN- it’s good for your health!

The Nursery

My husband is a rockstar!  He works 50-60 hour weeks, plus some weeks he travels and has been spending his free time on the weekends putting in ceramic tile in our bathrooms and kitchen and ripping up all the carpet in our living areas (besides our bedrooms) and putting down wood floors.  Some nights, he even comes home after a long day at the office and tries to get as much done as he can.  I am so appreciative of all of his hard work.  Our house looks great, and we have saved a lot of money from him doing it himself.

Since he has been so wonderful, I decided to not also ask him to paint the nursery.  About two months ago I had started the nursery by sifting through the junk that was in that room.  Ever since we have been married the bedroom that will be the nursery has been a “catch-all” room.  It took me forever to go through everything!  Some days I would just walk away because it was so overwhelming (not as overwhelming as putting in new floors I am sure).

About a month ago, as my wonderful husband was working on our floors, I decided to finish the purging of the nursery.  Once that was done, I put on some paint clothes and began.  On my first day of summer break, I finally finished the painting job.

Here was the room before (not impressive):

Trying to pull my weight around here by painting (don’t mind the sweaty workout clothes:

And the painted project:

I had also been searching craigslist, the neighborhood marketplace, and garage sales for months to find the perfect rocking chair.  I didn’t want a glider and I wanted something I could paint white to match the crib and dresser.  I finally came across this wonderful chair for only $40!  However, as soon as I brought it home, hubby insisted that I leave it it’s natural color because “it was so beautiful”.  It is hard to argue with a man that has put so much time and energy into our house, but I really want it to match.  Not sure what we will do, but for the time being, it will stay like this…

Today, we had the carpet cleaners come and clean the carpets in our bedrooms.  Now, we (as in hubby and I will watch) can put up the crib and get going on the rest of the nursery.

Stay tuned as I have some fun plans… not sure what I would have done without pinterest 🙂


29 Weeks

How far along? 29 Weeks
Total weight gain/loss: A lot… enough to make me cringe and never look again
Maternity clothes? Full force
Stretch marks? Nope
Sleep: Sleeping through the night (besides when I have to potty), but not seeming to sleep as long as I used to.
Best moment this week: Just being back at home, and finding a rocking chair for the nursery.
Fitness Level: Same, but slower and slower!
Miss Anything? I miss my brother and am getting sad knowing that he is leaving for deployment in a week and a half and won’t be able to see you when you are first born.
Movement: Constantly.  I wish I could figure out which body part is where.
Food cravings: Fruit, fruit, more fruit!
Anything making you queasy or sick:  No.
Have you started to show yet: Wow, i am big!
Gender prediction: Now, I am starting to think you are a girl 🙂 Either way, I will be one happy Mommy.
Labor Signs: None
Belly Button in or out? Out
Wedding rings on or off? Off…. I sure do miss wearing it.
Happy or Moody most of the time: HAPPY… with 11 weeks left and baby showers approaching… I can’t wait to meet YOU.
Looking forward to:  A weekend with just my hubby!


30 Before 30

Last week we were on vacation with great friends.  Our vacation was the perfect balance of relaxation, reflection, and great conversation.  Through this all, I have started to think about things I want to accomplish before I am 30.  What better way to hold myself accountable than to make a list of 30 things I want to do by the time I am 30!

1. Become a mother (good thing this is in progress)
2. Finish my Masters in Education Administration
3.  Run another full marathon
4.  Start playing tennis again (league or lessons)
5. Visit Napa or Sonoma Wine Country
6. Take another trip overseas (I am thinking Germany & Switzerland)
7. Run a sub 1:50 half marathon
8. Complete a triathalon (a sprint try would suffice)
9. Take another ski trip out west
10.  Complete a family run (with hubby & the baby)
11. Take a family vacation (the three of us)
12. Take a weekend trip with my girlfriends
13. Become a better photographer
14. Run a race for charity
15. Complete a trail run
16. Move out of the classroom and into a leadership role
17. Complete a mudder
18. Bake an apple pie… homemade crust in all
19. Successfully grow vegetables
20. Keep my car clean for a month (this might be the most difficult of all of them for me)
21. Paint pottery
22. Print all my pictures that I have on the computers and put in an album
23. Begin keeping up with my pictures by making a Shutterfly book for each year (then in three years I won’t have to do the above)
24. Read to Baby N each night
25. Attend a Notre Dame football game
26. Attend a Jimmy Buffet concert
27.  Read 30 books that are not assigned to me (they can be professional books, but not ones I HAVE to read for grad school)
28.  Listen to Jackie Kennedy’s Historic Conversations
29.  Take Baby N to the apple orchard, pumpkin patch, Children’s Museum and Zoo
30. Golf a full 18 holes with Josh

Well here it is- I have one year and nine months to accomplish all of this!


Three Years of Marriage

Happy Belated 3rd Anniversary to my IU basketball lovin’, social network-less, handsome, caring husband!

A week and a half ago my wonderful hubby and I celebrated our third anniversary.  I can’t believe it has only been three years since I said, “I do” to my very best friend.  I don’t remember what life was like before him, and I can’t imagine what it would be without him.  I am very blessed to be married to such a Godly, ambitious, supportive man who loves me unconditionally and will be such a great father to our Baby N. 

For our anniversary, we usually go back to Bloomington where we were married and have a picnic at the winery.  Due to the severe heat, and the fact that I can’t drink wine anyway, we didn’t go this year.  Instead, we had a wonderful breakfast and bought new bedroom furniture (that screams three years, right?).  We then had steaks on the grill for dinner and watched a movie.  On the actual day of our anniversary we went to dinner at one of our favorite Italian restaurants and reminisced about the last year of marriage– mostly talking about our fabulous trip to Italy.  We also decided that our next overseas trip will be Germany and Switzerland.   He also surprised me by scheduling a day for “ME” at the spa. 

We are blessed!  In three years we’ve: turned our house into a home; have taken some fabulous trips; grown as a couple and individually; shared great moments with family & friends; and are currently preparing for the journey of parenthood.  There is NO ONE else I’d rather live life with! 

As we celebrated our love, we remembered that wonderful day 3 years ago– the best day of my life!  We are continually grateful for the love and support of our family of friends not only on May 30, 2009, but the love and support we have been given as we have continued our marriage journey.

Just a couple of pictures from our wedding day:

27 Weeks