New Recipe Success

I just love new recipes.  I especially love new recipes when they are super-easy and you can remember them in your head.  Today, I was in the teacher’s lounge warming up my lunch when a friend’s lunch looked way better than mine- I of course commented on it.  I was pleased when she said, “It is super-easy, this is how you do it.”

I planned on just storing the recipe in my brain and making it next week.  However, after getting home later than anticipated from a daycare meeting and then talking about it for over an hour, it was late by that time I was ready to start dinner.  I had planned for chicken on the grill, veggies and baked potatoes, but I knew the potatoes would take forever.  With the chicken already thawed, I took inventory and thought I would try this new recipe.

Let’s call it…. Italian Pesto Chicken

(Before I start, please know that these are the measurements I used and can be changed to fit your needs.)

3 chicken  breasts
Veggies (I used one red pepper & one yellow squash)
Italian dressing
2 1/2 cups of pasta (I used macaroni, whole grain penne would have been my number one choice)

1.  Cut up chicken into small pieces
2.  Chop veggies
3.  Place in 8×8 glass dish (may need bigger dish if you are using more)
4.  Combine 1/2 cup Italian Dressing & 1/2 cup of pesto and stir.
5.  Pour mixture over veggies and chicken and mix together
6.  Cook in oven until done (I put my oven on broil to go quicker and just checked it when finished.  It could probably be cooked at 350.)
7.  While cooking, boil pasta
8.  When finished, you can either combine pasta with chicken & veggies OR serve chicken and veggies over the pasta.
9.  Top with parmesean


2 thoughts on “New Recipe Success

  1. just found your new website and am enjoying “catching up” on your life. Will definitely try this recipe.

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