Holy Sore Arms

One of my favorite parts of my week is teaching group exercise at the YMCA.  I have been doing this for almost three years now, and I love it- it is something I don’t think I will ever give-up.  I teach interval training every Sunday at noon and although sometimes I dread going in on a Sunday afternoon, I ALWAYS come home feeling refreshed, fit and ready for the week.  Not to mention the members, and especially my “regulars” make my time worth it.

Interval training is a sixty minute class that raises your heart rate through high intensity cardio moves (think P90X cardio at a faster beat, or Insanity) and strength exercises.  We do cardio for about three to five minutes, and then lower the heart rate with a strength move and then repeat.

Yesterday, was a great, tough class.  My members told me since I have been pregnant, I have gotten harder, especially in the strength part of the workout.  I told them it is probably because I can still do all the strength moves like normal and the cardio I sometimes have to modify because I get out of breath.  I also commented that it is because I know I can control the way arms and legs look throughout this pregnancy and I am determined to still have nice arms this summer- they thought it was funny.  However, today I am regretting my decision of upper body strength moves yesterday… man, do I have sore arms today!!  Nothing like high reps to make for sore arms on Monday.  Here was the arm workout:

In this order, complete these arm exercises. Remember, we do a cardio segment for (3-5 minutes), then one strength exercise. Here are the exercises we did:

Chest press
Reverse Fly
Shoulder Press
Bicep Curls
Tricep Kickbacks

When it was time for each exercise, we followed these reps:
24 singles, 12 at a two count,
16 singles, 8 at a two count
8 singles, 4 at a two count
4 singles, 2 at a two count
2 singles, 1 at a two count (repeat this one four times)

Go all the way through this without taking a break- yes, it is a lot of reps!!
Once you are finished, go back to the cardio segment for 3-5 minutes, and then onto your next strength exercise following these reps.

And after that, I think I might need a tee-shirt that says this:


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