Today I tried something new: yoga.  I have been wanting to try yoga for over a year and I finally did it!  It wasn’t a video or an online teacher, I actually stepped out of my comfort zone and went to a local studio.  It was prenatal yoga, but it was still wonderful.

The class was filled with about nine or ten other pregnant women.  We lined up by the the weeks of our pregnancy.  We then went around the room telling how far along we were, if we knew the sex and what was the weirdest advice we have been given while pregnant.

We then began with the class.  The class was very relaxing and solidified how much I need to stretch.  I hate stretching, I have never been good at it and I never take the time to do it, so this was great for me. I also appreciated how the instructor would point out which poses would be good for when we are in labor. I will definitely make this a Thursday night ritual throughout the rest of my pregnancy and am really hoping to continue with yoga once I am done.

Everyone could use a little more stretching and relaxation in their lives- me especially!



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