Green Thumb

First of all, do NOT let the title of this post be deceiving as I do NOT have a green thumb.  Instead, I am, just like blogging, I am trying to improve this green thumb.  My husband has always done all of the outside work and he enjoys it.  Plus, he is very good.  However, this year, I decided I’d try planting some flowers again.  Last year, my MIL bought me a beautiful Cala Lilly and killed it- of course!  Three years ago, I tried planting some hydrangeas– killed those too.

My mom is wonderful with flowers!  Every summer she has huge pots of flowers around the pool and they are just beautiful.  I am trying one more time to see if I can teach myself to have a green thumb like her.

So today we ventured to Home Depot to purchase some annuals and see what I could do.  I settled for some daisies and petunias for now.  I already had an awesome pot from TJ Maxx for the daisies and bought the basket to hang the petunias. I hope to try my “thumb” at some hydrangeas again too, but they didn’t have any.

Here are the daisies in my lovely pot.

I bought too many daisies, so I decided to plant these in the ground.

Petunias were planted in a basket and hung by a shepherd’s hook.

I can’t take credit for these, but they have a always been in our yard and come up beautifully each year.

So thus begins my green thumb adventure- Wish me luck… and any gardening advice is always welcome.


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