One Semester Done

Okay, so it isn’t the final finish line, but it’s finishing  a 10k when you are training for a half marathon- it’s a finish line you have to cross in order to get to your final finish….. I HAVE FINISHED MY FIRST SEMESTER OF GRAD SCHOOL!

Today I had my exit interview and was so relieved to have one semester under my belt.   This past weekend, I was regretting signing up for one of the first interviews, but now that it is over, I am surely glad I don’t have to wait until Thursday to celebrate.

And speaking of celebrating, this is how I celebrated…

Yes, in my past-life (pre pregnancy), I would have came home and enjoyed a glass of red wine, but instead I enjoyed a bowl of fruit loops.  Oh how I would have loved to enjoy a glass of red wine on my back porch tonight, but alas!

Beyond being thrilled that I am done “attending” class until the summer (I still have to work on internship hours and proficiencies), I am so glad I chose Butler for my masters.  At first I was a bit apprehensive about going to class two nights a week after teaching all day, especially when I see some of my colleagues doing all their work online, but I thoroughly enjoyed every part of it.  I know I made the right choice.

Top 10 things I enjoyed about this semester:
10. Starbucks black tea lemonades before class.
9. Seeing BlueII and Tripp out by the bookstore.
8. Phone time with my BFF on my way to class once a week. 
7.  Learning the importance of community involvement in leadership success. 
6. Engaging, powerful discussions about education reform.
5. My wonderful, knowledgeable professor.
4. Getting to know my cohort members.
3.  Just being in college and on campus again.
2. Sharing my newly learned leadership skills with my husband, him trying them and thinking I’m smart (boy, do I have him fooled)
1. Being one step closer to being a school administrator! 


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