Pregnancy Recap

All throughout my pregnancy I had high hopes of keeping a “Belly Book” of my pregnancy each week, but as grad school picked up, the reality of sitting down each week and writing pages about my pregnancy became more unrealistic.

So here I am at 21 weeks trying to play “catch up”, and here is a summary of my pregnancy so far…

December 29th (Thursday) was the day we found out I was pregnant.  I had  a dream and decided to get up and take a test.   Josh told me to make sure I didn’t wake him up and to shut the bathroom door.  It was about 3:30 in the morning and I was on Christmas break, but he had to be to work.  I was shaking and couldn’t believe it!  I woke him up and neither of us could go back to sleep, so we waited until the nearest breakfast place opened and went to breakfast.

Who we told first… I told my best friend Emily that day, but I didn’t reveal that bit of information to Josh until later.  I had to tell someone.  Plus, the lines were so faint I needed her opinion.  She told me to take a digital test the next day to be sure, which we did.  Then, that Friday we went home for my cousin’s wedding and we told my brother.  He was home from the Navy and we wanted to make sure we told him in person.  Then, we decided to tell my mom and sister as well.  Everyone was thrilled.  My cousin’s wedding was that Saturday (on NYE) and my mom couldn’t keep her mouth shut, but we denied it to everyone, but my dad- he was excited to be a grandpa.   We told Josh’s parents through a “Happy Birthday Grandpa” card for his dad.  This was the weekend after we found out.  We didn’t’ tell anyone else until we hear the heartbeat.

Our first doctor’s appointment… was scheduled for seven weeks, but when we went in there we found out I was only 6 weeks along.  They wanted to see me back the following week to make sure everything was okay and to hear a higher heartbeat.  The heartbeat the first time was only 100 bpm and the second time it had increased to 128 in just a week.   After that, we let all of family and close friends know.

First trimester symptoms…. I was very tired during my first trimester.  I never really was nautilus, but the though of certain foods occasionally made me sick; especial eggs.  Also when I first had an inclination that I was pregnant, my face was burning up all the time and the breakfast pizza that was served to my students made me feel sick.  My boobs also grew quickly and I had to get my dress let out in that area for Ashley’s wedding… it was then that I knew I had to be pregnant.

Starting to Show… this is up for debate.  Josh would say I didn’t start to show until recently, but saw that I started to show around week 17 or 18 .  However, if I were a stranger to you, you wouldn’t have been able to tell at week 17 or 18.   When I came back from Georgia for Spring Break, that following Monday, I had to wear the belly band over my pants… I was 18.5 weeks at that time.  Until then, I was still able to button my pants.

Nursery Progress… nothing at all yet!  I have picked out the colors and this weekend am going shopping for fabric for the bedding.  Right now,  we are focused on the new wood floors and ceramic tile that is going in our house.  Josh ripped up all the carpet this weekend in the whole house besides the bedrooms.  I can’t wait!

Working Out… I am still working out… thank goodness!  My mile splits are slower than they ever have been, but I can still run about 4 miles.  I am also still teaching my class on Sundays at the Y and trying to stay as active as I can.  My workouts aren’t as hard, but that’s okay… at leas that is what I try to tell myself.

Well, there it is, and now you are up-to-date.  I hope from here on out to give you updates and pictures every couple of weeks.  We will start with the 21 week update!

How far along? 21 Weeks!
Total weight gain/loss: I step on the scale backwards so I have no idea.
Maternity clothes? I was boycotting for a long time, but at about week 18 or 19 I finally gave in when a colleague brought me her pants, BUT I am only wearing the pants so far.
Stretch marks? Nope.
Sleep: I am not sleeping through the night anymore 😦  I think the Lord knows I love my sleep and is preparing me way in advance for what is to come.
Best moment this week: On Wednesday, we had our ultrasound and hearing that you were healthy was the best feeling I have had yet!
Miss Anything? walking up to the winery and doing wine tasting with Josh, my favorite navy blue dress pants, and training for/running a Spring half marathon
Movement: You are constantly moving around, or hiccuping- I am not sure which.  However, I can’t feel you from the outside, use the inside, so Daddy hasn’t been able to feel you yet.
Food cravings: None really, but I love coke slushies from Speedway.   It is like this, “I have to have you right now” type of craving.  Although I have wanted foods that I don’t really eat such as sugary cereal.  I am convinced you are a boy because your dad and Uncle loves their cereal too.
Anything making you queasy or sick:  No.
Have you started to show yet: oh yes!
Gender prediction: I am convinced you are a boy, Daddy is convinced you are a girl.  We’ll find out the day you arrive 🙂
Labor Signs: None and hopefully none for awhile
Belly Button in or out? Out, it started to pop out when we got back from vacation to Georgia.
Wedding rings on or off? Off, unfortunately I had to take my rings off at about week 14.
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy, excited.  Some mornings on the way to work I get overwhelmed with happiness and start to shed tears.
Looking forward to:  Daddy being able to feel your movements.


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